Alex Doce

Branch Manager

Alex Doce has successfully helped more than 6900 individuals and families finance their homes nationwide for the past 35 years.

When you contact Alex for a quote or question, he will always give you honest written information based on current market conditions, your unique credit profile, and an experienced assessment of the market’s direction. When you become Alex’s client, you will receive the lowest possible rate, excellent service with constant and clear communications, and a transparent process, no surprise fees at closing!

Alex can be reached at (800) 355-ALEX (2539), or (305) 900-2012.

Exceptional personal service. Integrity, results, and commitment to your success. Excellent communication skills.

Excellent communication skills.

An award winning performer.

A +6,900 closed loans producer.

Innovative ideas to fund your loan.

A team of highly skilled, caring, and knowledgeable mortgage professionals.

We offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HARP, FHA, VA, HECM, USDA products as well as portfolio, jumbo and super jumbo products.

Alex Doce

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