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Unlock Homeownership with DPA Programs:
Your Guide to Down Payment Assistance

Empower your journey to homeownership with The Doce Group’s Down Payment Assistance Programs, designed to provide essential support for creditworthy, low- and moderate-income individuals. Discover how easy it can be to attain your dream home.

Key Points

Tailored assistance to help cover the significant upfront costs of purchasing a home.

Includes considerations for income, credit score, and first-time homebuyers.

Offering a mix of grants and loans to suit various homebuyer needs.

DPA Programs (Down Payment Assistance Programs)

List of Features:

Interest Only Home Loans

DPA Programs (Down Payment Assistance Programs)

Down Payment Assistance Programs by The Doce Group are increasing the path to homeownership for many Americans. These programs are particularly beneficial for low- and moderate-income individuals who find the upfront costs of buying a home daunting. Down payment assistance programs in Florida provide much-needed financial assistance, making homeownership a realistic and attainable goal.

One of the biggest hurdles for potential homeowners is the down payment, a significant portion of the home’s purchase price. DPA programs in Florida are designed to alleviate this burden through grants and favorable loan terms. These grants, typically provided by non-profit organizations or government agencies, do not need to be repaid, offering a significant advantage to first-time homebuyers. 

For those who require additional assistance, down payment assistance programs in Florida also offer loans with more favorable terms than standard mortgage loans, such as lower interest rates or extended repayment periods. Some of these loans are even forgivable under certain conditions, like residing in the home for a specified duration.

DPA Program Guidance: Navigating with The Doce Group's Expert Loan Officers

Understanding and navigating DPA programs can be complex, which is why The Doce Group provides professional loan officers to guide applicants through the process. They help clarify eligibility criteria, which can include household income limits, credit score requirements, and the property’s type and location. This personalized assistance ensures that applicants find the program that best fits their needs and maximizes their chances of approval.

By leveraging these DPA programs, homebuyers can significantly reduce the financial strain of purchasing a home and embark on their homeownership journey with more confidence and stability.


Eligibility varies by State and program but generally includes factors like income, credit score, and first-time homebuyer status.
Programs offer grants, loans, or a combination, each with specific terms and conditions.
Some programs have restrictions on property types and locations. It’s best to check the specific program criteria.
Assistance amounts vary, typically ranging from 3% to 5% of the home’s purchase price, subject to program limits.
While many programs target first-time buyers, others are available to a broader range of applicants.

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