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Expand Your Investment Portfolio with DSCR Loans

Unlock the potential of your real estate investments with our DSCR Loans, designed to focus on your property’s income potential rather than your personal income, streamlining the path to expanding your portfolio. 

DSCR loan

Key Points

Qualify for a loan based on your investment property’s potential income rather than personal income. No job required.

Tailored for real estate investors, especially those with multiple properties or unique income situations.

Enjoy more flexible underwriting standards compared to traditional investment property loans.

No income calculation required.


What are the advantages?

DSCR Loans investment property
Verified Pre Approval Loan

What are the disadvantages?

DSCR Loans

DSCR Loans offer a unique financing solution for real estate investors, focusing on the income-generating potential of the property rather than the borrower’s personal income. This approach is particularly beneficial for investors who own multiple properties or have complex financial situations that might not meet traditional lending criteria.

With DSCR Loans, the emphasis is on the property’s ability to cover its own mortgage loan and operating expenses, providing a more streamlined and efficient way for investors to expand their portfolios. Our expertise in DSCR Loans ensures that we can guide you through the intricacies of this type of financing, helping you make the most of your real estate investments. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire new properties or refinance existing ones, DSCR Loans provided by The Doce Group give the flexibility and efficiency you need to succeed in the competitive world of real estate investing.

DCSR Loans investment property


A DSCR Loan is a mortgage loan based on a property’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio, ideal for real estate investors.
Eligibility is based on the income generated by the property versus its operating expenses. Borrowers must a primary residence.
No, DSCR Loans are specifically for investment properties.
Terms can vary, but generally involve higher interest rates and down payments than conventional loans.

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