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Streamline Your Home Purchase with Bank Statement Loans

Tailor your home financing to your unique income situation with our Bank Statement Loans, perfect for self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs who want a mortgage loan solution that reflects their financial reality.

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Key Points

Specifically designed for those with non-traditional income documentation.

Utilize your bank personal and business bank statements to demonstrate income and cash flow.

Adapted to suit the varied income patterns of self-employed individuals.

Pros and Cons Of Bank Statement Loans

What are the advantages?

Bank Statement Loans
Bank Statement Loans

What should I watch out for ?

Bank Statement Loans offer

Bank Statement Loans offer a tailored solution for self-employed individuals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs seeking to buy a home. These loans use personal and bank statements to verify income, providing an alternative for those who might not have traditional forms of income documentation. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for borrowers with fluctuating or non-traditional income patterns.

While these loans may come with higher interest rates and require more substantial down payments, they offer invaluable opportunities for those who might otherwise struggle to obtain financing through conventional means. Our expertise in Bank Statement Loans ensures that we understand the unique financial landscapes of self-employed borrowers.

Bank Statement Loan

The Doce Group's Unwavering Commitment

At The Doce Group we are committed to providing personalized support throughout the loan process, helping you secure a mortgage loan that aligns with your financial situation and homeownership goals.


A Bank Statement Loan is a mortgage loan option where income is verified through personal or bank statements rather than traditional income documentation.
Primarily self-employed individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs who might not have regular pay stubs or W-2 forms.
Lenders look at your bank statements to assess your cash flow and income stability over a certain period, typically 12 to 24 months.
They often come with higher interest rates and might require larger down payments due to the perceived increased risk associated with non-traditional income verification.
Yes, these loans can be used for both purchasing a new home and refinancing an existing mortgage loan.

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