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Dive into city life with ease through our Condo Loans tailored for the unique requirements and opportunities of condominium ownership.

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Key Points

Specifically designed to cater to the financial needs of condo buyers.

Accessible entry into condo living with various down payment choices.

Specialized assessment ensuring the condo meets specific criteria for loan approval.

Condo Loan

What are the advantages?

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What are the disadvantages?

Condo Loan

Our Condo Mortgage Loans in Florida are crafted to simplify your journey into condominium ownership. Condos offer a unique lifestyle choice, often situated in urban centers with access to amenities and community living. These condo mortgage loans are designed to accommodate the specific financial aspects of buying a condo, including considerations for homeowners’ association (HOA) fees and community rules.

Navigating the condo buying process involves understanding the nuances of condo associations, their financial health, and how they impact your loan approval. We specialize in condo financing and are committed to helping you find a loan that aligns with both your budget and the condo of your dreams. The Doce Group is here to guide you through every step, from assessing eligibility to closing the deal. Let us help you make your urban living dream a reality.

Alex Doce and his team are experts in Condo financing, having financed thousands of condo mortgage loans in Florida throughout his 36 year mortgage career.


A Condo Loan is a mortgage loan specifically designed for purchasing condominium units, considering the unique aspects of condo living.
Condo Loans may have different down payment requirements and involve additional scrutiny of the condo association and its financial health.
Not all condo projects are eligible; they must meet specific lender criteria that warrants the condo project’s approval.
Alongside the mortgage loan, condo owners typically pay monthly HOA fees, and at times assessment fees.

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