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If you need a “jumbo mortgage,” it means that your mortgage goes above the typical “conforming mortgage” limits for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Jumbo loans enable you to utilize your income and qualifications to afford a bigger home.

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You work hard for your credit—why shouldn’t you be able to secure a larger loan for all of your hard work and responsible money management?

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With a Jumbo Loan, you can secure a higher mortgage loan that enables you to own the home of your dreams, going outside the typical traditional, conforming loan amount.

Lower down payments than in the past

In the past, Jumbo Loans typically required high down payments—as high as 30%. But those terms have changed, which is why now is an ideal time to capitalize on Jumbo Loan terms.

The Facts about Jumbo Loans

  • Jumbo Loans enable you to go above the typical mortgage limits Although these limits can vary depending on your situation and location, a Jumbo Loan typically means $500,000 and above, giving you the freedom to invest in your dream home.
  • You’ll have more freedom to choose your home For people who need a lot of space or who have ambitious dreams of homeownership, a Jumbo Loan can give you more freedom to select the home and property of your choosing, rather than sticking to an artificial budget—provided you have the credit and income.
  • Qualifications for Jumbo Loans aren’t what they used to be This can work to your advantage. Rather than putting down an exorbitant down payment and looking at unrealistic qualifications, you might qualify for a Jumbo Loan with well-managed credit and a secure income level.
  • Jumbo Loan rates are better than what you might think The typical idea—that Jumbo Loans are riskier—doesn’t always translate to extravagant interest rates. See if you qualify for high-quality terms that can make a Jumbo Loan much more affordable.

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FAQ: What Do You Need to Know about Jumbo Loans?

  • Q: What is a Jumbo Loan?

    Exactly what it sounds like! It’s a big mortgage loan. However, the specific qualifications of what makes something a “Jumbo Loan” tend to refer to the rules for what makes a “conforming” loan according to lenders like Freddie Mac. In essence, a Jumbo Loan is a larger-than-average mortgage.
  • Q: What are the terms of a Jumbo Loan?

    Jumbo Loans used to have very difficult requirements, such as a 30% down payment. However, those requirements have become a bit looser, making the Jumbo Loan much more akin to a standard loan. It’s possible you might see higher interest on these loans due to the enhanced risk on the part of the lender, but individual loans may vary.
  • Q: What qualifications do i need?

    The current maximum VA home loan stands at $453,100 – more than enough to secure a comfortable “dream” home. The maximum guarantee authorized by the VA stands at 25% of the loan value with a maximum of $113,275.
  • Q: Do i have to use fixed rate terms for my VA loan?

    Income and good credit. Securing a Jumbo Loan means you have to be able to demonstrate that you can pay back a loan of this size, which is why banks and lenders will look at W2’s and pay stubs to ensure that you have the bandwidth to pay off the mortgage payments every month.
  • Q: Should i get a Jumbo Loan?

    That depends on your goals. If you want a home that’s larger and you can afford it, a Jumbo Loan can be a great way to ensure a relatively low payment each month (as measured against your income). And a Jumbo Loan can also help you secure assets like more land and high property values in your area.
  • Q: When should i apply for a Jumbo Loan?

    When you feel that you may qualify, and you know that you need a larger loan than the typical conforming loan.

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